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Here are frequently asked questions:

ADVENT COACHES vs Water Safety Instructors and Regular Coaches2020-07-26T12:20:22-07:00

Deference between ADVENT’s Coaching Staff and Water Safety Instructors / Regular Swimming Coaches


ADVENT’s Coaching Staff

Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI) & Regular Swimming Coaches

Age of Coaches

40 years and older

(Very Experienced)

15 years and older (students teach students)

Length of Study, Obtained Education and Affiliations

11 years of study:

– Certified in First Aid/CPR-C & AID
– Lifesaving Instructor
– Water Safety Instructor
– National Lifeguard Pool
– NCCP levels (National Coaching Certification Program):

  1. Fundamentals Coach (level 1)
  2. Age Group Coach (level 2)
  3. Senior Coach (level 3 or Swimming 301)

– Master Degree in Physical Education
– Members of the Canadian Swim Teacher and Coaches Association (CSCTA) 

Approx. 123-168 hours or 7 days of study for becoming a WSI:

    1. Bronze Star (Optional): 10 hr
    2. Bronze Medallion: 20 hr
    3. Bronze Cross: 20 hr
    4. Standard First Aid/CPR-C: 4 hr
    5. National Lifeguard Pool: 45 hr
    6. Lifesaving Instructor: 18 hr
      1. Water Safety Instructor (WSI) for Red Cross Swim Programs,
        level 1-10 (Lifeguards teach kids swimming skills at pools):

a) Ability to perform Red Cross Swim Kids 10 strokes and skills (NO level 10 required)
b) Assistant Water Safety Instructor: 8-9 hr
c) Water Safety Instructor: 8-9 hr
Approximately 18 hr + self-study for WSI

NOTE: Usually all above seven steps required for becoming WSI. Become a Lifeguard and WSI in PoCo & in Coquitlam (click to open)

In Swim Clubs there are students/young instructors certified as a WSI & have Fundamentals Coach (level 1).  They coach novice/entry level groups of 6-12 year old kids, summer club,  and masters swimmers.
Level 1 or Fundamentals Coach required 3 days of the workshop/study to learn only introduction of teaching and coaching. It is for the Community Sport.



More than 35 years of

North American and International

NONE or just little 

(Usually students or young people without appropriate teaching & coaching knowledge and experience coach kids of 3-12 year old)

Very often we hear from parents: “My child has attended swim lessons for years but there has been no progress or improvements”.

Swimming is not only an activity or a sport, but develops life skills applicable in all domains!  This is why our coaches are very educated and experienced because we are serious about any skills learned through our program.  Only with very professional specialists your child can learn the right skills and discipline to be successful in his/her life!

Swimming is not just good for children’s health; it is a skill that could ultimately save their lives if it is learned properly with well educated and experienced swimming teachers.

ADVENT/Year-Round Swim Clubs vs SUMMER SWIM CLUBS2020-08-06T19:05:53-07:00


(Winter Swim Club or Year-Round Swim Club)
Registered with SWIM BC, Swimming Canada and Sport Canada

Summer Swim Club

(Shark, Marlins, Barracudas, Aquarians, Mantas, etc.)

Registered with BCSSA

A Year Round Swim Program        

Yes. Your child can:

  • Learn swimming from September to September.

  • NO limited training hours per week.

  • Maintain fitness, swimming skills & technique needed for general health and racing/swim competitions  increasing volume and intensity of training considering the child’s ability and needs.

  • Improve swimming skills & quality life faster.

  • Have consistent workouts which gradually improve posture, muscle strength and flexibility, oxygenation, memory, endurance, and immunity. Regularity of training aids in discipline, time management, sportsmanship, and setting goals.

  • All swimmers covered by SWIM BC liability insurance.

  • Competitive Season Membership is from September 1 to August 31.  The annual fee is $47 for a Pre-competitive status with one opportunity to compete.  If you want to compete more you must pay different fees (please check upcoming season info/package).  Unlimited training hours.  The Swim BC fees are ONLY for its members or swimmers.


    – For more information on Swim BC Rules (PSO or Provincial Sport Organization), please click here

    – More Details about Swimming Canada (NSO or National Sport Organization), please click here

No, because:

  • Kids are limited to 2 hours per week from October 1st to April 30th 

  • Any swim competition including a school swim meet counts as one hour per day

  • Winter maintenance is NOT the same as Winter Swim Club Program. Coaches are 15+ age individuals certified in the Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI) and/or Fundamentals Coach (NCCP level 1, three day education of introduction of basic stroke, start, and turn mechanics click here and here.)

  • Unrestricted number of hours only from May 1st to September 30th  (usually ends in August)

  • Different intensity, duration and frequency of training from Sep-Sep increase the risk of exercise-related injuries, stress and pressure on the child.  A competitive season only 31/2  months longer of the extremely intensive swimming with swim competitions on every weekend in June and July.

  • Competitive Season Membership is from May 1 to September 30.  The annual fee is $35.  If you want to sign for a winter maintenance program you must pay additional $20 (off-season membership for the period of October 1 to April 30).  A total annual fee is approximatelly $55.  It is ONLY for BCSSA members or summer clubs’ swimmers.


For more information on BC Summer Association Rules and Bylaws, please click here

– More Details about BCSSA and Summer Swimming, please click here

– More Details about BCSSA Membership, please click here and click here

High-school credits 

Grade 10 or Athlete 10:

  • 4 credits if the child participates at any Regional/Provincial Championships from September to September (BCAAA Provincial Championships)

Grade 11 or Athlete 11:

  • 4 credits if the child participates at any Provincial Teams/Inter-Provincial Regional Championships (Western Canadian Championship and/or Canadian Age Group Championship)

  • 4 credits for Team BC – Western Canada Summer Games + BC Athlete Assistance Program (BC AAP)

Grade 12 or Athlete 12:

  • 4 credits if the child participates at any Provincial or National Teams/National Championships (Senior Nationals and/or International Swim Meets)

  • 4 credits for Team BC – Canada Summer and Winter Games + Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (Sport Canada AAP)

Recognized Athlete Programs (more details about credits), please click here

Grade 10 or Athlete 10 ONLY

  • 4 credits if your child participates ONLY at BCSSA Provincial PQT Finalist (this meet is once a year in August and only 6-8 swimmers can be qualified for 4 credits from all BC Summer Clubs.  

University athletic  scholarship & other benefits              

  • Yes, your child can get a partial or full University Athletic Scholarship (free post-secondary education in Canada and USA! More than 640 post-secondary schools including Harvard University in North America offer scholarships for swimmers)

  • Yes, your child has a great opportunity to represent BC and Canada at National and International Swim Competitions.  If he/she performs well there are different sport funding programs such as BC AAP, Sport Canada AAP (from $900-1,500 per month of nontaxable income), and other sponsorship money.

  • No, your child cannot get any University Athletic Scholarship

  • No, your child cannot participate at any National or International* swim competitions and get financial support from BC and Sport Canada (NO AAP and NO sponsorship money!).  Click here to see all available scholarships for summer swimmers. 

    * The highest level of swim competitions for summer swimmers is provincial.




Our swim assessment is 15-20 minutes long.  A free swim lesson is a regular lesson and takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your child’s ability.  For the assessment and lesson your child must have the following:

  • swimsuit for girls and jammers for boys (no beach swimwear is allowed)
  • goggles
  • swim cup
  • pool sandals

NOTE: A swim assessment is a mandatory requirement for new members.  After the assessment you will be advised with different available options more suitable for your child and your family.  Participants being confirmed into the program will be provided additional information on how to process their program fee.  It depends on your child’s needs, length of the training, and other factors.  Exact costs vary, but all participants have to pay registration fee that covers Swim BC/Swimming Canada registration for one training season (September 1st – August 31st). 



No problem, if your child will not participate in swim competitions you are required to pay Pre-competitive Swim BC registration fees.  Swim BC fees for competitive swimmers depend on your child’s age and his/her status as an athlete (school or University student):

  • Pre-Competitive Swimmers (any age as of December 31) click to open

NOTE: From September 1st until the end of the training season all swimmers are required to pay regular Swim BC fees.  The fee to upgrade a swimmer is the difference between the Pre-Competitive fee and the corresponding Competitive fee.  After December 31st, there will not be a discount to the upgrade fee if the swimmer is upgraded after March 31st.

 For your reference, please visit Swim BC website for more details.


IMGP5384webIt means that the same coach has the same athletes from Introductory level to the highest desired and possible level.  Usually, it takes 5-14 years to prepare a high-performance level athlete.  It depends on the child’s ability, parents commitment and the coach’s program.  Yes, we are right on the coach’s program because every coach implements his/her own program and develops workouts for each practice.

For example, our coach Dmitriy had a group of 6-11 year old kids and trained them until their highest levels such as Senior Nationals and/or International.  This is why we said that he prepared athletes for Senior Nationals, for instance.  In most cases swimmers are transferred from one group to another and change coaches.  Usually it negatively impacts on kids’ performance and life in general because they should follow a new coach’s instruction.  It is great if the athlete is happy with a new coach.  What about if the child is unhappy?  This is a common issue.  There are only couple resolutions in this situation:

  1. Stay in this group and keep suffering OR
  2. Change the club

We strongly believe in a long-term partnership of the same coach and athlete for successful outcomes.  A successfully implemented long term athlete development strategy will deliver athletes to the National team with greater potential for improvement at an age where optimal performance is possible.  We offer the best program with the best Canadian coaches.  Your child will be with the same great coach from Introductory level to the moment when you decide to move.  No hassle.  No stress.  No frustration.  No needs to change the coach or club anymore.  You decide what is the best for your child.


Yes, but you have to register your child as a competitive swimmer and pay the required Swim BC fees. Please contact us for more details.

  • Competitive Swimmers age as of December 31

 For your reference, please visit Swim BC website for more details.