Deference between ADVENT’s Coaching Staff and Water Safety Instructors / Regular Swimming Coaches


ADVENT’s Coaching Staff

Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI) & Regular Swimming Coaches

Age of Coaches

40 years and older

(Very Experienced)

15 years and older (students teach students)

Length of Study, Obtained Education and Affiliations

11 years of study:

– Certified in First Aid/CPR-C & AID
– Lifesaving Instructor
– Water Safety Instructor
– National Lifeguard Pool
– NCCP levels (National Coaching Certification Program):

  1. Fundamentals Coach (level 1)
  2. Age Group Coach (level 2)
  3. Senior Coach (level 3 or Swimming 301)

– Master Degree in Physical Education
– Members of the Canadian Swim Teacher and Coaches Association (CSCTA) 

Approx. 123-168 hours or 7 days of study for becoming a WSI:

    1. Bronze Star (Optional): 10 hr
    2. Bronze Medallion: 20 hr
    3. Bronze Cross: 20 hr
    4. Standard First Aid/CPR-C: 4 hr
    5. National Lifeguard Pool: 45 hr
    6. Lifesaving Instructor: 18 hr
      1. Water Safety Instructor (WSI) for Red Cross Swim Programs,
        level 1-10 (Lifeguards teach kids swimming skills at pools):

a) Ability to perform Red Cross Swim Kids 10 strokes and skills (NO level 10 required)
b) Assistant Water Safety Instructor: 8-9 hr
c) Water Safety Instructor: 8-9 hr
Approximately 18 hr + self-study for WSI

NOTE: Usually all above seven steps required for becoming WSI. Become a Lifeguard and WSI in PoCo & in Coquitlam (click to open)

In Swim Clubs there are students/young instructors certified as a WSI & have Fundamentals Coach (level 1).  They coach novice/entry level groups of 6-12 year old kids, summer club,  and masters swimmers.
Level 1 or Fundamentals Coach required 3 days of the workshop/study to learn only introduction of teaching and coaching. It is for the Community Sport.



More than 35 years of

North American and International

NONE or just little 

(Usually students or young people without appropriate teaching & coaching knowledge and experience coach kids of 3-12 year old)

Very often we hear from parents: “My child has attended swim lessons for years but there has been no progress or improvements”.

Swimming is not only an activity or a sport, but develops life skills applicable in all domains!  This is why our coaches are very educated and experienced because we are serious about any skills learned through our program.  Only with very professional specialists your child can learn the right skills and discipline to be successful in his/her life!

Swimming is not just good for children’s health; it is a skill that could ultimately save their lives if it is learned properly with well educated and experienced swimming teachers.