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Swim Training

Not all swim clubs and swim clinics are designed equal.  At our Swim Club we offer expert coaching and instruction in an upbeat, supportive, and structured environment geared to achieving peak performance. Swimmers and parents alike are often amazed at the degree of improvement after a month of training with us.

Former Olympic Coach Dmitriy Kononenko, Program Director and Senior Coach of Advent Swim Academy is on deck, each and every day, to ensure that his holistic approach to competitive swimming is implemented to the fullest, and that all swimmers get the individual attention and instruction they deserve.  His Master Degree in Physical Education and more than forty five years as a practical coach complement his coaching experience.

Coach Dmitriy thinks that speed-based training was a better conditioning tool (for swimmers of all ages) and produced better aerobic effects overall.  High-intensity training produces quicker and better physiological and performance responses in swimmers who had been training longer distance at lower intensities. The most important part of successful swimming is to learn correct technique from the beginning or introductory level.

Coach Dmitriy worked for different swim clubs (Otters, Surrey Knights, SFA, Dynamo, Simon Fraser University, and Arie) and proved that his program works well and really successful.  Unfortunately, his program works when he is managing it because only he knows some “secrets”.  His “secrets” based on his high education and tremendous coaching experience as a swim coach.  We are so confident with him and happy that he decided to implement his program with ADVENT.

Coach Dmitriy said “I enjoy coaching kids from introductory to the highest level. In this case I can observe them, develop workouts considering their weaknesses and evaluate the result. I have been fully committed only to swimming for 45+ years.  Based on my experience I strongly believe that a good coach must love his/her profession and focus only on swimming.  In addition, it is important to have a talent in coaching.  Not all fully committed coaches have the talent or true passion about swimming. Very often other coaches ask me “What are you doing with your swimmers?  They improve every practice and swim meet, their swimming techniques are so perfect.”  I answer that I  just work very hard and feel every athlete.  For me “feel” means to hear, cooperate, respect, encourage, be patient and honest…  Every athlete is talented if the coach is talented.   Also, another important thing is to have cooperative and positive parents. I noticed that if parents are so negative and unfriendly, kids usually are not successful in sport.”

We are proud of introducing the unique aquatic program to Tri-City residents.  According to our members’ feedbacks Tri-City needs our highest standard program.

We have successfully participated in some community events such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation Swim-a-Thon. We are happy to establish a great long-term partnership with the City of Port Coquitlam and Tri-City. We will continue to serve the needs of the local community providing the highest quality swim program from September to September.

Come and Meet Our Team

We offer progressive instruction in a positive learning environment.  ADVENT teaches life skills that go hand and hand with swimming skills, which develops the whole athlete. We are different because our program is designed for those who want to learn swimming skills faster then with any other swim programs (Click to read about the differences).

ADVENT is a registered with SWIM BC, Swimming Canada and Sport Canada year round swim club offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.  Our goal is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at any level; from learn to swim to Olympic Champions and World Record holders.

Our Program & Coaches



  • 2016 – Developed an evidence-based program with a unique approach to deliver fast learning gains for ADVENT’s members

  • 2015 – CSCTA, Speedo Domestic Excellence Award for gold medal winners

  • 2015 – Prepared athletes for the World Championship (A Final), Speedo Western Canadian Champs (3 gold medals) & Canadian Senior Nationals
    (A Final)

  • 2014 – Prepared six athletes for the Speedo Western Canadian Championships (1 gold & 1 Silver medals) and Canadian Trials

  • 2013 – Prepared six athletes for 2013 NCAA Division II Championships
    (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medals and a new NCAA Division II Record)

  • 2004 to 2013 – Prepared twelve Senior Nationals for his nine years of coaching at SFU and SFA

  • 2012 – Coached at the Canadian Junior Pan Pac National Team (2gold,
    2 silver & 1 bronze medals, new Canadian Age record and 2 BC records)

  • 2012 – Prepared four swimmers for the Canadian Olympic Trials

  • 2011 to 2015 – Volunteer on the Swim BC Technical Advisory and
    Finance committee

  • 2011 – BC Swim Team, Tucson Ford Dealers Invitational, Women’s Head Coach (2 gold medals)

  • 2011 – Prepared swimmers for the World Junior Championships,
    Peru (A Final)

  • 2011 – Prepared swimmers for the World Championships Trials

  • 2011 – Swimming Canada, Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Memorial Award

  • 2010 – Coached BC Swim Team at the Paul Bergen Invitational

  • 2010 – Prepared swimmers for the North American Challenge Cup
    (4 gold medals)

  • 2010 – Prepared swimmers for the Pan Pac Trials (A & B Finals)

  • 2009 – Attended and prepared swimmers for the Paul Bergen Junior International

  • 2009 & 2010 – North American Challenge Cups with meet records
    and eight Gold medals

  • 2009 – Prepared athlete for the Canada Games (two BC Age Records)

  • 2008 – CSCTA, Speedo Domestic Excellence Award

  • 2007 – Prepared three swimmers for the 2007 LC Provincial Age Group Team for annual BC/Alberta Dual Swim Meet, Canada

  • 2007 – BC Provincial Age Group/Prospect Team at the Pan Coast All Star Meet, Head Coach

  • 2006 – CSCTA, Speedo Domestic Excellence Award

  • 2000 – Prepared two athletes for the Senior European Championship

  • 2000 – Prepared three swimmers for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia (Igor Chervynskiy (1500m: 15:08.80), Igor Snitko (1500 Free: 15:14.67), Yana Klochkova (200 IM: 2:12.68 & 800 Free: 8:22.66).  Dmitriy coached the athletes from their novel level to the Olympic stage.  He prepared athletes for the Olympic and immigrated to Canada.  Coach Dmitriy delegated coaching of these swimmers to other coaches, Nina and Oleksandr Kozhukh.  Dmitriy has had a tight and great relationship with these coaches since that time.

  • 1999 – Prepared Gold medalist who established European Record
    in 1500 freestyle

  • 1998 – Prepared swimmers who established three Ukrainian swim records

  • 1996 – Prepared two athletes for the Olympic Game in Atlanta, USA

  • 1992 – Prepared five swimmers for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain

  • 1988 – Prepared five swimmers for the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea

Our Mission is to provide only productive training. We believe that respect, trust, honesty and full commitment are important things of the success. We think that only together with kids and parents we can achieve the best results.

Maximum and productive practice time where children are kept busy practicing their swimming is vital. Our experienced coaches are:

  • Patient teachers

  • And that they keep children busy and active

We take care of little kids and careful determine how confident they are in the water. Therefore, children who attend lessons more than once a week and coached by professional coaches will learn faster.

If you, as a parent, are not prepared to be patient persist and encourage your child all year round you cannot expect to gain the social, health, and safety benefits that children gain from learning to swim at an early age.

Finally fear is another factor that can slow down a child’s progress.

Patience is a quality teachers require if they are teaching a frightened child to swim. Any swimming lessons that force or terrify children against their will are totally inappropriate. We know how to teach children and help parents to be more patient and happy with the results.

Coach Dmitriy has no believe in make up lessons. Make up lessons which are slotted into regular classes are very disruptive. Children are placed into groups for the convenience of parents often with teachers they don’t know and students of varying ability levels. This often causes dissatisfaction for other members, as the make up lesson distracts from the regular class.

Make up lessons are difficult for administration to manage. Furthermore they encourage parents to be inconsistent with lesson attendance. If family’s understand there is a no make up lesson policy they turn up for their class and children progress faster.

We like to compensate missed lessons by offering holiday intensive camps during Winter and Spring school breaks. In this instance children are grouped into classes according to their ability level and in an environment that is conducive for learning. During this intensive and productive training parents will see a rapid improvement in their child’s swimming skills especially competitive athletes.

We Offer:

  • “Train-to-Learn”- training camp for kids (for 1-4 individuals per lane & high-performance swim coach, duration 1-1.5 hour).

  • “Train-to-Improve”- training camp for stroke correction for 1-4 kids (duration 1 hour or longer).

  • “Train-to-Win”- training camp for swimmers.  The camp is for 1-4 individuals (duration 1 hour or longer).

  • Dry-land Workouts for athletes.

  • Group Swim Camps for kids.

  • Competitive Para-Swimming Program for 8-15 year old athletes (evaluation required for all individuals with impairments that fit under the Swimming Canada classification system. Please contact us). Read more about Para-Swimming here (click to open)  At this moment we don’t provide training to non-competitive para-swimmers.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Training consultation for professional athletes.

Our Groups

INTRO (6-9 years)- for children who have basic swimming skills and can swim 25m or full pool continuously.  NO red cross levels & previous swim experience required:

  • 1 hour of in-water training per day, 1 practice a week on Sunday evenings

ENTRY- child must swim 25m front crawl OR 25m back crawl continuously. NO red cross levels & previous swim experience required:

  • 1 hour of in-water training per day, 2 practices a week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings


  • 1 hour of in-water training per day, 3 practices a week plus 30 min dry-land training, running & yoga-flexibility (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday)

Junior (10-14 years):

  • 1.5 hour of in-water training per day, 3-4 practices a week plus dry-land training, running & yoga-flexibility (Tuesday, Friday & Sunday)

Senior (competitive swimmers):

  • 1-2 hour of in-water training per day, 5-6 practices a week plus dryland, running, yoga-flexibility & gym

NOTE:  Our groups designed by the level of each child’s achievements (his or her swimming skills).  For example, a child can be 8 y.o. but trains with the Advance group based on the kid’s abilities and skills.  As soon as your child starts training with us he/she can advance swimming skills faster. Click to read FAQ about differences and benefits from being our member.

***Please contact us for more details about each group and other available opportunities. We provide free assessment anytime and free lesson if you register for a try-out session or for year-round training.  Welcome new members!


– “Train-to-Learn” camp for pre-school age kids 30-60 min (individual training, please consider to add 30 min. increments)

– “Train-to-Learn” camp for kids (1-4 individuals with no swimming skills, 1 hour or longer, please consider to add 30 min. increments)

– “Train-to-Improve” camp for stroke correction (1-4 kids, duration 1 hour or longer, please consider to add 30 min. increments)

– “Train-to-Win” training camp for athletes.  The camp is for 1-4 individuals (1 hour or longer, please consider to add 30 min. increments).

– Group lessons for kids: assessment required, please call to book your assessment.  

NOTE: Assessment required for all new members.  Above camps are limited to just 1-4 swimmers in order to maximize individual attention.  Fees and pricing will be discussed at your assessment.  Participants being confirmed into the program will be provided additional information on how to process their program fee.  Exact costs vary, but all participants have to pay registration fee that covers Swim BC & Swimming Canada registration (click to open) for the current training season (September 1st – August 31st).  Program fees depend on your or your child’s needs, length of the training and other factors.

Please call at 604-419-0513 to book your free assessment.

ADVENT makes every effort to keep its members up to date on what is happening in the swim club and the swimming community. Please use the club’s website: news & members pages. There are also many swimming related websites that offer insight and knowledge. Swim BC is a governing body for all swim clubs in BC. All swimmers must be registered with Swim BC and pay required feesSwim BC website has a Swim BC technical guide, Swim BC guide as well as much more interesting information at SWIM BC website.




Pre-Competitive Swimmers:

Pre-competitive (any age):  $47 per swimmer once a year

Competitive Swimmers (click to open) age as of December 31 per swimmer:

8 & Under:  $97.00 

9-10:  $117.00

11-14:  $163.00

15 & Older:  $205.00

University Swimmers:

University-Varsity: $63.00 (valid only September 1 to March 31)

Open-Varsity: $146.00

NOTE: The fee to upgrade a swimmer is the difference between Pre-Competitive fee and the corresponding Competitive fee.  Beginning in 2020/21, there will not be a discount to the upgrade fee if the swimmer is upgraded after March 31st.   From September 1 to March 31 all swimmers are required to pay regular Swim BC fees as above.  Pre-Competitive swimmers may participate in only one competitive opportunity (excluding BC Champs & Swimming Canada Competitions); prior to competing in their second competition, swimmers must upgrade to the Competitive category (see above), which corresponds to their age as of December 31 of the last year. Swimmers cannot be downgraded to this category within a registration season (September to August).  Registration is valid from September 1st to August 31st of each training season. 

 For your reference, please visit Swim BC website for more details.